Superbowl Stupidity

Can we please move on from Katrina now?  Apparently the Saints winning the Superbowl was JUST WHAT THE CITY NEEDED to put some closure on the effects of Katrina.  Really?  How about some real leadership from the local and state government?  For cripes sake…your city got hit with a natural disaster and all you can do is hope for a super bowl win?

I heard soooo many hippies last night talking about how great it was for the city after the rest of the country ignored them.  What? What the fuck?  We ignored them?  I am fairly sure every state in the union sent help.  But that’s a hippy for you.  Always wanting to play or side with the victim.  This is because real life is too hard.  Right about now, every left hippy reading this is , is frothing at the mouth saying it was BUSH!  BUSH IGNORED them.  No fucktard, go read the facts and dont listen to Al Sharpton.  Then read the Constitution.

Anyway…I love football and I enjoyed a great game last night between two really good teams.  I didnt care who won.  For me it was like getting a blowjob from Meagan Fox or Carrie Underwood.  Either way I will enjoy the act and the outcome.

And because I like hot chicks, here is some eye candy to get you through the rest of the post.

Grats to the SAINTS.  They are a great team.  I am happy for the city….but can we PLEASE stop with the Katrina shit?  It’s been five years.  Do we root for the Yankees because of 9/11?  Do we root for any team from Hawaii because of Pearl Harbor?  NO.


2 thoughts on “Superbowl Stupidity

  1. Oh yeah, I almost forgot amidst all the Superbowl hillarity. It was the people of New Orleans fault for being poor. Lets put it behind us and start thinking of tax cuts.

  2. bakes73 says:

    Sooo…your logic is, the city was hit by a natural disaster because they are poor? Interesting. Holy Shit….Hati was poor too! MY GOD YOU ARE ON TO SOMETHING.

    I think you are missing my point. Yesterday there was a lot of Katrina references to the Saints win. I thought it was really….stupid. I am not unaware of the human drama of what went on. I am not trying to come off as insensitive. Just a realist. The Superbowl win was great for the city…but it cant possibly be the be all end all.

    The bottom line is, its a good news story.

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