Computers and Matches

For over a decade  now, I have worked in IT. Development, Implementation, and Support.  I work in a place with a pay rate that isn’t really conducive to getting "the cream of the crop" when it comes to staff and users.  Even our managers aren’t that quick. 

This of course makes support difficult.  So much so that instead of doing maintain and support, we do show and tell.  And because the managers don’t understand either, there is no level of expectation when it comes to the staff learning and understanding.  It just becomes IT doing it for them.

And that it just the support side.  When it comes to developing and implementing new systems, the managers are just as apathetic, and in some cases hostile. They use excuses like "its not how we do things now" and " our people have to know so much already". When it comes to computers and computer system, the expectation of the staff doing their job right and efficiently goes out the window.

So where do matchsticks come in?  Well, one of the things IT does for companies is make things faster, and easier through the use of technology.  At least that is the idea.  Many people find once they accept the idea to learn the new system, it is faster and easier.  However, some people, would rather spend time bitching and not learning, and doing things the old way.  This of course ends up causing a huge disconnect between those who are producing quickly and those who are not.  The IT department give you a tool to make your job faster and easier.  You choose to work the old way.

So, I started a saying a few years ago.  IT: we give you matches, you still use sticks.

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