Wikileaks has stirred some shit up. i love it. I am also disgusted at the amount of so called small government conservatives like myself disapprove of what Julian Assange is doing.

Look…you are an idiot if you think governments don’t lie to you everyday. And the one government on the planet that is for the people, by the people, and of the people should be the last one doing it. But it is and that is why I say more power to Wikileaks.

Besides, Wikileaks and J.A aren’t the ones stealing the information in the first place. Wikileaks is just publishing the stuff. You can think of them like a global New York Times. But instead of worrying about how the information is getting out, those in power immediately mobilize to silence what is in effect freedom of the press.

For years I was a right wing zombie. But over the past decade I have come to see that there is little difference between those in power. And this situation only helps to illustrate that fact. Those in power want to stay in power. End of story. Where was this rage when the New York Times leaked info about the Bush Administration’s wire tapping? That move was praised because the “people deserve to know the truth”.

But now those same people want to shut this guy down? Why? Because of power. Nothing i have seen leaked really puts any country in danger. Maybe some officials reputation has been bruised, but that’s it.

If information is leaked that puts my family in danger, obviously then i will be upset. But I will also hold my government responsible for allowing that info to be leaked.

And this “rape” charge he was arrested on stinks to hell too. If you do some digging on the charges, one of the things that stands out is that one of his accusers threw a party for him the night after she said she raped him. That sounds like something most rape victims would do.

No wait…it sounds like bullshit. And when you look into the background of BOTH accusers you start to see connections with the very people who are trying to silence him.

Here is a good link detailing the charges.

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