Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon I have read several reviews of TF:DOTM that say it is the best of the three. After seeing the film I am not sure what they are talking about or what they expected. I can tell you what I expected. I expected a movie about Tranformers.

Here is SHIA. You see a lot of him in the film.

What I got instead was a movie about college graduate trying to get his first job, and realizing its not as easy as he thinks. That is LITERALLY the first hour of this film. The second hour is Michael Bay showing us military porn and explosions. With the occasional robot thrown in to make bigger explosions. I bet Optimus Priime MAYBE has 15 mins of screen time in 2.5 hours. Megatron has a bit in the beginning, and at the end. LESS than 15 mins of screen time. The rest of the film is dedicated to Sam finding out that life sucks and government bullshit.

This is Optimus Prime. You dont see a lot of him in this film.

The plot, that that of any Bay film, is inconsequential to what he wants to actually film. The Decepticons are bad guys, the Autobots are good guys, and our government puts more faith in the Decepticons good will than the Autobots, who saved the fucking world twice now.

There is also an AMERICA FUCK YEAH! scene in which the Autobots take out an Iranian Nuclear facility. TAKE THAT TERRORISTS! (mind yo the scene is less than a minute and is quickly forgotten)

Honestly I am not even going to waste anymore time writing this. It’s more of the same. I had hope that maybe this time Bay would realize he is making a Transformers movie. Sadly this is not that film. Wait for the home release this fall if you have to see it. Don’t waste money on movie tickets. This movie, along with Green Lantern, is the MUST RENT MOVIE OF THE YEAR!

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