Smartphones: don’t be cheap

A family member contacted me today about what iPhone she should buy. I told her she should wait a few weeks for the iPhone 5.

“but I can get a really good deal on a 4 now” she said.

A good point. Saving money is normally a smart idea. But when it comes to something like a smart phone….any smart is always good to buy as much as you can possibly afford.

And she wants an iPhone. Good for her. But if she buys one now, with the knowledge of a new model in two weeks, why would you want to invest in a product that will be out dated in that time?

Apple will also be releasing a new version of their mobile OS. The new iPhone has been developed on hardware with that OS in mind. Developers will be updating and making apps with the new hardware specs. My wife (and by proxy, my kids) has an iPad 1. She is already getting told by several apps that they are not compatible with her iPad.

Why would you want to restrict yourself like that?

So if your contract is up, you are going to get a deal anyway. Why not invest your money in the best product available?

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