Why Google’s New Compose Window is ALL kinds of Awesome

Google is pushing out a new compose window feature for Gmail. This is a long time coming. And I love it.

Looking back, the original compose method in Gmail was, if anything, a workflow killer. And it has been one of the few chinks in an otherwise impenetrable armor. Since GMail is web based, when you clicked on compose, a new web page opened. A web page in the form of a virgin email form. You immediately lost access to your inbox. If you are like me, your emails usually include reference to other data in your inbox. In Gmail, once I committed to writing a new message, my inbox was gone.

Eventually I learned to RIGHT CLICK and OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW. However it was very cumbersome. Also I am a genius and many users never learned this trick.

Now they have added the New Compose window and it is everything i need and more. There are even new features that I didn’t know I needed, but now I can’t live with out.

The new window opens within your inbox, allowing you to maintain a visual on your stuff. And the best part is there is a fly out function. Thats right. Just click the arrow to set your compose window free! You can open another message. You can open your calendar…and still maintain your separate compose window. My workflow just flexed.


But wait…there is more! You can also add photos directly inline. Also any files in your Google Drive. All with one button. I have been using Gmail since the beginning and this is, so far, the best update to the service. One that was long over due.

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