The Best Films of 2013*** ( That I saw)* **

  • The Lone Ranger 

So, this movie was really not great. In fact, the majority of the film is horrible. They make The Lone Ranger into a doofus, and give Tonto mental issues. They also make Silver a magic horse. None of that was needed. But the last 30 mins, William Tell Overture and all, reminded me why I love a classic Western and The Lone Ranger. Fun and over the top, good vs. evil. I would have liked to see this world again, and have the characters fleshed out more than we got, but sadly it tanked at the box office, so truly, it is HI HO SILVER…AWAY!

  • Star Trek Into Darkness 

I never thought I would walk out of this film hating it, but I did. This film could have made such an awesome story out of the Kahn/Kirk conflict, but instead ended up try to remake Wrath of Kahn, without realizing what made WOK so good. There was barely any tension between Kirk and Kahn. A big let down for me.

  • Man of Steel

Superman does not kill. There you go. At the end of this film, they want you to believe that the planet believes Superman is a hero, when in fact, he helped level three cities. However, I have hope that the powers that be will build off what they have created in this film into the next one, and find redemption.

  • Pacific Rim

There is so much eye candy in this film! From the moment I saw the trailer, I wanted to see and love this film. The final product is not a great film, but the fact you have giant f*cking robots fighting giant f*cking aliens and all that goes with it, makes me watch this movie over and over again. The human story was crap, but I want to go back to the world they created.

  • The Wolverine

At last, we get to see a true characterization of The Wolverine on screen. Let’s face it, while he was the resident bad ass in the X-Men movies, he still wasn’t has hard core as he is in the comics. And we need to forget the shit pile that was X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE. This is not a great film, but at last we can see Logan kicking ass and taking names.

  • Monsters University

I really enjoyed this film. After the travesty that was Cars 2, I was afraid Pixar was going to become a sequel churning cash cow machine, with little regard to the source material. But Toy Story 3 and now this have shown me that Cars 2 was the exception, not the rule. MU was a great story, with great new characters, and making me love the originals even more.

  • Iron Man 3

Loved it. The biggest let down is the post credit scene. It was done for jokes, not to setup any of the future films. Big letdown. The rest of the film was great….including the credits.

  • Thor: The Dark World

My pic for the best movie all year (that I saw).  There is so much Marvel love in this film.  And the end credit teaser has me more excited for Guardians of the Galaxy

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