No Man’s Sky: My Thoughts

Holy Crap, this game has divided people. What was, for a few years, the darling of the video game world, and one of the most anticipated games of…well, forever, has been attacked, lauded, and become the subject of unprecedented return policy updates by companies that rarely give refunds.


For starters, for a 2016 game, it is very much a 1991 game. Slow. Methodical. Boring. Everything us old guys love.

In fact, one might say it is the spiritual successor to Star Flight, a game released in 1991 that had no set story, let you explore a galaxy, mine planets, trade with other alien species, and even engage in combat. Sound familiar?

I loved it. LOVED IT. It was a ZEN game. A game you could play and relax at the same time. No place you had to go, no time table. You could play it and just get lost in it. I spent a lot of time “in” that game.

This is, of course, in STARK contrast to today’s game, and the modern gamer. The modern gamer craves non-stop action and, more importantly, multi-player. They want to interact with other players, whether it is in a cooperative setting or player vs. player. No Man’s Sky harkens back to a day when most gamers didn’t even have a modem. The game experience was all there was, and creating fantastic worlds for the player to get immersed in was the goal of very developer.

No Man’s Sky is huge. To the point that it can be very overwhelming. And while it has a goal (get to the galaxy core), the game does not care how you get there, or even IF you get there. There is no built in schedule. You can play at your own pace. Now that I am 43 with a job and three kids, that is AWESOME.

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