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Tarazona Revolution 305

Thanks to my pal, Chris Carver and Jungle Jim’s, I discovered this beauty.  Starts off sweet…with some definite hints of nuttiness.  Creamy smoke.   Even burn, perfect draw.  I think I may have found my new favorite cigar!

PLUS!  I discovered that the company donates $5 of every box sold to the Humane Society of Greater Miami.  That’s cool when a cigar company gives back.

Be sure and check them out! @TarazanoCigars



cAo Brazilla

I really like this cigar. Taste chocolate, and then the maduro wrapper kicks in and its a nutty, peppery taste that really satisfies.



Perdomo Sampler Ridiculously Cheap

Perdomo is my absolute favorite brand.  The Habano is one of their VERY best cigars.  Strong, bold flavor.  I just ordered this and if you are a fan, or have never tried this fantastic stick, you owe it to yourself to pick these up at this price! $29.95 for a a sampler box.

Click here for the deal!

Cigars:Size Matters

 I have always wondered why a smaller gauge cigar seemed to have tons more   flavor than their larger counterparts. After some talking with fellow cigar dudes….I think I got it.

The taste of a cigar comes mostly from the wrapper, not the filler. So in a smaller gauge cigar ( say a Corona) you are a higher wrapper to filler ratio. A larger counter part is going to have a smaller wrapper to filler ratio.

Also, a smaller gauge cigar burns faster and that makes it burn hotter. This makes for a fuller flavor experience.


Perdomo Lot 23

This cigar has become my go to favorite. It’s not a crazy taste. In fact it is quite static and even for the entire smoke. It has some sweet notes, but the first third tastes like the last third. It does have a bit of a peppery edge, but that ends up melting into a very creamy texture and smoke.

They are however, very unique in that all are grown in a certain Nicaraguan field called Lot 23. The field was cultivated in 2000 and six years later used to make this cigar blend.

I love it.

Padron Cigars

These little gems are quickly becoming my favorite smoke.  Last night I enjoyed a Padron Executive. And it was delicious.   I’ve always found Padron’s to be creamy blend of coffee, cedar, and leather flavors.  But this guy as a bit of a peppery edge to him.  The draw was amazing.  Very balanced.  The wrapper could have been a bit tighter for my taste, but that isn’t to say it was falling off.

They arent cheap is the problem.  A box can run you anywhere from $160 to $180.  A single can be $6 to $9.  However I would say if you can afford to try at least one, it is worth every second.  I enjoyed mine with a glass of Sailor Jerry rum and a lime.