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Tarazona Revolution 305

Thanks to my pal, Chris Carver and Jungle Jim’s, I discovered this beauty.  Starts off sweet…with some definite hints of nuttiness.  Creamy smoke.   Even burn, perfect draw.  I think I may have found my new favorite cigar!

PLUS!  I discovered that the company donates $5 of every box sold to the Humane Society of Greater Miami.  That’s cool when a cigar company gives back.

Be sure and check them out! @TarazanoCigars



cAo Brazilla

I really like this cigar. Taste chocolate, and then the maduro wrapper kicks in and its a nutty, peppery taste that really satisfies.



Cigars:Size Matters

 I have always wondered why a smaller gauge cigar seemed to have tons more   flavor than their larger counterparts. After some talking with fellow cigar dudes….I think I got it.

The taste of a cigar comes mostly from the wrapper, not the filler. So in a smaller gauge cigar ( say a Corona) you are a higher wrapper to filler ratio. A larger counter part is going to have a smaller wrapper to filler ratio.

Also, a smaller gauge cigar burns faster and that makes it burn hotter. This makes for a fuller flavor experience.