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Excellent Piece on The Dark Knight Rises


I wish I could write like this.  I agree with this guy on every point and feel he is SPOT ON.

“That’s an interesting aspect of the film, too: The Dark Knight Rises wears its influences on its sleeves. It lifts directly from The Dark Knight Returns (I’m not going to lie, I was pretty excited to see the old cop and the young cop chasing Batman), Year One, Knightfall and No Man’s Land, and there are smaller influences from plenty of other stories as well. But in mashing all of those up, it came away with something those stories could never have: an ending. Or at least, a kind of ending.”

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Man of Steel Teaser

Everyone seems to be gushing over this teaser.  I think it sucks balls.  THIS IS SUPERMAN?  Looks like the GORTON FISHERMAN to me set to music from Lord of the Rings.  Not excited…..

The Amazing Spiderman

The more I read about this film, the more confident I am that my decision to not see it is correct.

The biggest problem I see is that he never confronts Uncle Ben’s killer. They disregard almost 50 years of motivation.

I bet Mark Webb (the director) likes Tim Burton’s original Batman for making The Joker his parents killer.

Spiderman is my favorite character of all time and I refuse to pay money to see this film.



The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is a great movie. Not as good as it’s predecessor, and a little longer than it needed to be, but a great film. A worthy final entry.

However, being the comic nerd I am, I do have to nit pick what I see are two major failing of the film.

We are now entering spoiler territory, so if you have not yet seen the film, I highly recommend you do so and come back.

Still here? Ok……

My first issue is minor and is really nothing more than a fan over analyzing the film. But the Batman/Bane fights were horrible. Both fights turned Batman into a brawler. This is something Batman is not. He is all about precision and focus. He pinpoints his opponent’s weakness, and exploits it. Sure the fights were intended to be brutal, but I was bored seeing two guys just throwing punches.

Second issue is bigger and really bugged me throughout the film. I can sum it up with one phrase: Alfred never leaves.

Alfred would never ever leave Bruce, or the Wayne family. That is the character. He is Bruce Wayne’s rock. He is the only person on the planet that understands Bruce and what Batman is. He knows that for Bruce to exist, so does Batman. He is much as part of the crusade as Batman. He is crucial to Batman’s success. He would never leave. Ever.

And that bullshit scene at the end, when he sees Bruce at the cafe and they just nod and smile. THAT was shit. No way that happens. After the scene at the gravesite, are you telling me Alfred would think the nod was enough? I don’t buy it.

And the argument can be made that it served the story. I say that if you write a Batman story that calls for Alfred leaving, then you need to rewrite your Batman story.

That is it. Aside from what I admit are just not picks, the film is great. Overall, this is one of films best trilogies. Every theme and plot point are tied up and competed. It really is a great finish.


By now I am sure you have heard that Joss Wheedon has managed to deliver an ensemble superhero that doesn’t suck.  That he performed a miracle by containing all the character and ego in one film.  You have heard that The Avengers is the bee’s knees.

I am here to tell you it totally is.

And for the average movie goer, it will become one of their favorites.  And rightly so.  Even without the characters you would still have a great movie with action, drama and tons of humor.  The Avengers is not just a great superhero movie.  It is one of the best, most entertaining movie I have seen at this scale.

But how does it play out for a Marvel Zombie?  It almost hits it out of the park on that level as well.  The overall tone of the film, the threat of the villains, is epic.  And that is how the Avengers story lines always played out.  Sure Captain America and Iron Man has bad guys in their respective books, but as Avengers, they were always taking on galactic level threats.  The film gets that.

And seeing these guys fight side by side, just like I used to imagine when I read the comics…but no longer limited to a great couple panels, is a dream come true.  And the Hulk is by far the star of this film.  This is the best on screen Hulk we have ever had. He shines…and smashes.

It was also great to see Captain America take the leadership role he was destined to have.

If I had to get nit picky ( as fanboys are want to do), it would be regarding the  alien race that Loki uses.  Due to legal bullshit, Marvel cannot use their own Skrulls….a very popular Avengers enemy.  They are replaced with generic aliens ( that at least resemble the Skrulls). The end credit tease, however, more than makes up for it, and tells me that they REALLY wanted to use Skrulls. But that is minor.

And the geek in me would have liked for Captain America to have let loose with the ‘AVENGERS ASSEMBLE” battle cry.



And let’s talk about the end credit teaser ( there are two this go around…stay until the VERY end).  I wish I could tell you who they are setting up.  But you have to see.  If you are a Marvel zombie, you will squeal like a girl. Marvel has really thrown down the GAUNTLET for the next film. It is clear they are not worried about confusing people with epic, big stories.  They are doing it.  Stories that I read years ago and said “man this would make a great movie”.

I love living in the Marvel Age of Movies.

Ok, if you REALLY want to know, and didnt pick up on that REALLY obvious hint, you can click below.  Or stay spoiler free until you see it.