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The Best Films of 2013*** ( That I saw)* **

  • The Lone Ranger 

So, this movie was really not great. In fact, the majority of the film is horrible. They make The Lone Ranger into a doofus, and give Tonto mental issues. They also make Silver a magic horse. None of that was needed. But the last 30 mins, William Tell Overture and all, reminded me why I love a classic Western and The Lone Ranger. Fun and over the top, good vs. evil. I would have liked to see this world again, and have the characters fleshed out more than we got, but sadly it tanked at the box office, so truly, it is HI HO SILVER…AWAY!

  • Star Trek Into Darkness 

I never thought I would walk out of this film hating it, but I did. This film could have made such an awesome story out of the Kahn/Kirk conflict, but instead ended up try to remake Wrath of Kahn, without realizing what made WOK so good. There was barely any tension between Kirk and Kahn. A big let down for me.

  • Man of Steel

Superman does not kill. There you go. At the end of this film, they want you to believe that the planet believes Superman is a hero, when in fact, he helped level three cities. However, I have hope that the powers that be will build off what they have created in this film into the next one, and find redemption.

  • Pacific Rim

There is so much eye candy in this film! From the moment I saw the trailer, I wanted to see and love this film. The final product is not a great film, but the fact you have giant f*cking robots fighting giant f*cking aliens and all that goes with it, makes me watch this movie over and over again. The human story was crap, but I want to go back to the world they created.

  • The Wolverine

At last, we get to see a true characterization of The Wolverine on screen. Let’s face it, while he was the resident bad ass in the X-Men movies, he still wasn’t has hard core as he is in the comics. And we need to forget the shit pile that was X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE. This is not a great film, but at last we can see Logan kicking ass and taking names.

  • Monsters University

I really enjoyed this film. After the travesty that was Cars 2, I was afraid Pixar was going to become a sequel churning cash cow machine, with little regard to the source material. But Toy Story 3 and now this have shown me that Cars 2 was the exception, not the rule. MU was a great story, with great new characters, and making me love the originals even more.

  • Iron Man 3

Loved it. The biggest let down is the post credit scene. It was done for jokes, not to setup any of the future films. Big letdown. The rest of the film was great….including the credits.

  • Thor: The Dark World

My pic for the best movie all year (that I saw).  There is so much Marvel love in this film.  And the end credit teaser has me more excited for Guardians of the Galaxy

Thor: The Dark World

ImageLet this be a warning.  If you are trying to hop on the Marvel Movie Bandwagon, Marvel Studios will grant you no mercy.  Going into this film, there is an expectation that you have seen all the movies up to The Avengers. If not, good luck understanding much of what is going on in this film.

More so than Iron Man 3, Thor: TDW is a sideways sequel to The Avengers. A couple story lines from The Avengers are carried into this film. The most obvious is Loki’s fate and the ramifications of his actions.  In fact the film opens with Odin sentencing Loki to solitary life in an Asgardian dungeon.

From there we are whisked away to Thor and the Warriors Three defending one of the realms from an invasion.  Then we are taken to London to find Jane Foster trying to get back to a normal life, but still obsessed with Thor.  Back to Asgard and we find a sullen Thor trying to accept that he has to be King, and only wanting to be with Jane. And then back to London where Jane finds a temporal anomaly and gets sucked into another realm, where she comes into contact with the Aether, a mysterious dark force hidden away eons ago by Odin’s father, Bor.

When she makes contact with the Aether, she absorbs it into her body. This does a couple of things. It makes Thor come to Earth to see what the hell happened, and it wakes up Malekith, a dark elf who wants to use it to plunge the universe into darkness. Thor takes Jane to Asgard, and this is where the film really starts to shine.

Malekith and his dark elf army discover that the Aether is in Asgard and attack. Asgard suffers pretty significant losses because they were not prepared.  Thor is forced to team up with Loki to defeat Malekith. Cover_of_The_Mighty_Thor_347

The relationship between Thor and Loki is tumultuous at best, and this film really has fun with it.  Loki is probably the coolest villain in the world.  The banter between Thor and Loki is really quite funny in this film as well.

My only real beef is with the bad guy.  Malekith is kinda boring.  You never really know why he wants to plunge the universe into darkness. He just wants to.  The threat seems bigger than is actually portrayed on the screen.

This is a fun movie.  I really enjoyed it, and recommend it highly.  However, if you have not watched Thor and the Avengers, you may want to do that.

Marvel has once again shown that they get it.  They understand that these characters are great, and are only made better by sharing a universe together.  I have said it before, but that was always the best part about reading the comics.  Knowing that these characters live in the same universe and would interact with each other made reading the stories all the more exciting.  The Marvel cross over events were legendary.  6 or 12 issue mini series that all characters participated in.  One story that affected every hero in the universe.  Secret Wars, Inferno, The Infinity Gauntlet.

Ahhhhh the Infinity Gauntlet.  Let’s talk about that.



The mid credit scene  all but announced what Avengers 3 will be.  Some version of the Infinity Gauntlet.  We got a hint of it in the Avengers mid-credit scene, with Thanos smiling when his minion speaks of “courting Death”.  The mid-credit scene in Thor: TDW all but confirms this is where the story is going.

Seriously, stop reading because I am going to tell you.

Still here? Ok.

Sif and Volstagg deliver the Aether to THE COLLECTOR.


Yes….the COLLECTOR.  He then says, “one down, five to go”.  So the AETHER is an infinity gem.  And we also learn the TESSERACT is an infinity gem.

MARVEL NERDS will note that The Collector was one of the keepers of an infinity gem.  We know that Thanos is alive in this universe.  We know that next summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy has Gamora and Drax, two characters with very close ties to Thanos and have prominent parts in the Infinity Gauntlet.  This is happening.

I seriously cannot wait for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Make Mine Marvel!

Star Trek Into Darkness….AN APTLY NAMED FILM

Star Trek Into Darkness

There will be a lot of spoilers ahead.  You have been warned.

I would like to start by saying  I am not a big fan of Star Trek.  I never have really watched any of the television shows, although I have tried.  I just cant get into them.  However, I do enjoy the characters and movies.  In fact, Star Trek aside, Wrath of Kahn is one of my all time favorite films.  What makes it great is that you don’t have to be a Star Trek fan to enjoy it…the film is great enough to hold it’s own.

However, in 2009, when the STAR TREK reboot was released, it was something I enjoyed quite a bit and was very much looking forward to this sequel.

I have not been this disappointed since Prometheus. 


So, if you have not surmised by now, the bad guy is indeed Kahn, although it is not revealed until half way into the film.  In fact, up until then, the film is quite enjoyable.  After the reveal is made, the movie goes into full Wrath of Kahn remake mode.  Really.  They try to squeeze all of the greatness of Wrath of Kahn into about an hour of movie. And it never adds up.

In what I assume is an effort to remake the film and pay homage to it, Abrahams simply recreated moments from WoK without understanding what made the original ones so great.  He changes situations slightly, and a different character says an exact line of dialogue that was said in the original. It gets so bad that the film gets embarrassingly predictable.  Right down to the “KAAAAAAAHHHHHHNNNN” scream.  And it simply does not work.

At no point did I feel threatened by this Kahn.  There is no history between Kahn and Kirk, and therefore no tension.  They try to artificially create that tension, but it falls flat when Kirk and Kahn are on screen together.

Star Trek Into Darkness is a sufficient sequel to the original if you have nothing invested in the franchise.  On that level it is an enjoyable film.  However, since they made the attempt to remake not only the best Star Trek film, but one of the greatest science fiction films, it falls very, very flat.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit was the first book I ever really read. And I loved it so much I read it all on one summer day in 1983. To this day I have fond memories of checking it out from the book mobile, waking home with it, and sitting by the pool all day reading.

Obviously it turned me onto The Lord of the Rings, and the rest is history. Needless to say, I was anxious to see this movie.

The Hobbit is not like any of the books in the LOTR trilogy. It is a much more light hearted book, intended for a much younger audience. In some places, it is very silly. It really isn’t even a true prequel to the LOTR series. It is sort of a sideways prequel. As it is short. Like I mentioned, you can read it in one sitting.

These facts are what made me nervous when I heard that the book was being made into three movies. There really isn’t that much there to pull from. Now that I have seen the film, I see what they are doing…and I am on the fence about it.

When writing his epic, Tolkien crafted an elaborate world with a deep history of its own. He wrote volumes of back story in the appendices of The Lord of the Rings, as well as various other books documenting the history of Middle Earth. From what I can tell, the movie makers have mined this information heavily in order to make these movies more of a prequel trilogy to the movie trilogy. There are characters from the original films that have major parts here weren’t even mentioned in The Hobbit to bridge the trilogies. They are injecting things that flesh out the LOTR movies more, and that sometimes over burdens the film.

Again, The Hobbit is a lot more light hearted story than the LOTR books, and the movie tries to keep that light hearted nature, but I felt like it was unbalanced with the ominous foreshadowing of that is to come. In some places it went from slapstick to pathos in one scene.

Bilbo becomes an after thought for most of the film. And had I not read the book, I would have known the other dwarves at all. They are sorta left on the back burner too. This story is all about setting up The Lord of the Rings. I just feel like they jammed too much stuff in and forgot the fun of the book. And like the LOTR movies, they don’t follow the exact order of the original book. Sequences are placed inline with the overall tale.

That all being said, I liked it. Taken as a prequel to the LOTR movies, it is awesome. And if I put it up against another prequel opening film, it’s LIGHTS OUT. ( I am looking at you, Phantom Menace). It is a fun, if slow at times, film. The good thing about the book being so short and making such long films, is that the film is able to hit every note from the Hobbit. Down to the dialogue coming straight from the book.

The final hour is the best of film, with it hitting the same riffs of the end of Fellowship, even down to the camera shots. Riddles in the Dark was spot on, and one of my favorite moments in the film. Gollum is perfect….and it was fun to see him on screen again. He is also a little funnier this time around.

It’s good…not as great as I wanted it to be. My hope is this film will feel better with me after I see the next two. However, I didn’t walk out of The Fellowship of the Ring feeling this way.

FOR THOSE WONDERING: this film ends with Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire.



Who remembers VCRs? Who remembers a time even before tape rentals?  When a VHS release of a major motion picture costs in the upwards of $100 to buy?  You simply did not walk into a Best Buy and purchase the movie.  If you had a movie library, you made it yourself.


That’s right kids…they used to broadcast major motion pictures on NBC, ABC, and CBS.  Of course this was a few years after the theatrical run and they were always “EDITED FOR TELEVISION”, but that was how you watched them at home.

I think my Dad brought home our first VCR around 1978 or 79.  It was roughly the size of an iron lung, and you could lose a hand  in the tape ejector.  I used to put action figures on top, push the eject button, and launch them into the air.  Until Dad caught me of course. This was the exact model we had:

The remote was tethered by a cable.  But the GREAT THING…was that I could record movies!!! And much to my parents chagrin, watch them over and over.   Some movies were shown once a year…they were special events!  Movies like KING KONG and THE WIZARD OF OZ.

And of course…JAWS!

Because of commercials, some of these movies were cut into two parts.  Two hours one night and two hours the next.  I remember the announcer saying at the end of the first part “stay tuned for scenes from tomorrow night’s epic conclusion!”.  I loved it. But I hated the commercials.  So, I would watch the film with remote in hand, carefully pausing the recording during each commercial break.  Each year I would mess up and either forget to pause for commercials or forget to un-pause and miss chunks of the film.   That was heart breaking.

And the artist in me would, every year, design and create my OWN cover.  I wish I would have had the foresight to keep some of them.

And this is how my love affair with JAWS started.  I was too young to see it in the theaters, but my parents figured since it was on broadcast TV, it would be ok for me to watch.  I was in love from the first scene.

From the moment Chrissy went swimming and got eaten, I was hooked (pun intended).  The fact that you didnt see much of the shark until the end of the film kept me enthralled.  I loved that only the audience and Brody seemed to know it was a shark.  It was our secret!  Nobody believed Brody except me!

I loved Hooper.  I wanted to be Hooper.  I wanted a boat like his…with under water lights.  I loved when they gutted the tiger shark and all that crap spilled out onto the docks.  WHAT?  IT ATE A LICENSE PLATE?  Hooper quickly taught me that Tiger Sharks are like garbage cans, and will eat anything.  Tiger Shark?  A TIGER and a SHARK…that is awesome you can’t make up.

All of this build up.  The confrontations with Larry the Mayor. And of course, Quint.  The baddest man you will ever meet.  When it was televised, the first part was mostly QUINTLESS, so it made part two even more delicious.  To this day I remember when part one would end. It’s when the trio head out to catch the shark.  The boat leaving the harbor.

So, the following night, it was ALL on the boat and about sharkin’.  I loved that Quint had a harness.  I remember thinking how big the fish were he caught, because he had a harness.  And the way he latched himself in, that first time he got a tug on his line.  So methodical.  So focused.  Quint was a man not be trifled with.

The night sky, in the shot over the Orca…I remember being amazed by the falling stars.  To this day, I make sure to look for them.

When I got a little older, I was able to read the book.  WOW.  It is almost a different story.  It has the mob and SEX!  But I still love the movie more.

Maybe I love the film because of the connection to my youth.  But I do love it.  A lot.  When I was a kid, my uncle lived in Beverly Hills, and my parents went to see him.  They went to Universal Studios and came back with stories of the JAWS ride.  And pictures.  I remember staring at those pictures forever.  Curious, and also a little scared, thinking if I rode it and that shark came up on me.  I love JAWS.  My first born son is named Alex.  After Alex Kintner.  The boy who gets eaten by the shark, because Brody wasn’t allowed to close the beaches.

Remember when his mom slapped Brody?

25 odd years later, I finally got a chance to ride JAWS.  With my kids.  And you know what?  The shark looked fake as hell.

And I got goosebumps and teared up a little.

Excellent Piece on The Dark Knight Rises


I wish I could write like this.  I agree with this guy on every point and feel he is SPOT ON.

“That’s an interesting aspect of the film, too: The Dark Knight Rises wears its influences on its sleeves. It lifts directly from The Dark Knight Returns (I’m not going to lie, I was pretty excited to see the old cop and the young cop chasing Batman), Year One, Knightfall and No Man’s Land, and there are smaller influences from plenty of other stories as well. But in mashing all of those up, it came away with something those stories could never have: an ending. Or at least, a kind of ending.”

Read More:

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Man of Steel Teaser

Everyone seems to be gushing over this teaser.  I think it sucks balls.  THIS IS SUPERMAN?  Looks like the GORTON FISHERMAN to me set to music from Lord of the Rings.  Not excited…..

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is a great movie. Not as good as it’s predecessor, and a little longer than it needed to be, but a great film. A worthy final entry.

However, being the comic nerd I am, I do have to nit pick what I see are two major failing of the film.

We are now entering spoiler territory, so if you have not yet seen the film, I highly recommend you do so and come back.

Still here? Ok……

My first issue is minor and is really nothing more than a fan over analyzing the film. But the Batman/Bane fights were horrible. Both fights turned Batman into a brawler. This is something Batman is not. He is all about precision and focus. He pinpoints his opponent’s weakness, and exploits it. Sure the fights were intended to be brutal, but I was bored seeing two guys just throwing punches.

Second issue is bigger and really bugged me throughout the film. I can sum it up with one phrase: Alfred never leaves.

Alfred would never ever leave Bruce, or the Wayne family. That is the character. He is Bruce Wayne’s rock. He is the only person on the planet that understands Bruce and what Batman is. He knows that for Bruce to exist, so does Batman. He is much as part of the crusade as Batman. He is crucial to Batman’s success. He would never leave. Ever.

And that bullshit scene at the end, when he sees Bruce at the cafe and they just nod and smile. THAT was shit. No way that happens. After the scene at the gravesite, are you telling me Alfred would think the nod was enough? I don’t buy it.

And the argument can be made that it served the story. I say that if you write a Batman story that calls for Alfred leaving, then you need to rewrite your Batman story.

That is it. Aside from what I admit are just not picks, the film is great. Overall, this is one of films best trilogies. Every theme and plot point are tied up and competed. It really is a great finish.


By now I am sure you have heard that Joss Wheedon has managed to deliver an ensemble superhero that doesn’t suck.  That he performed a miracle by containing all the character and ego in one film.  You have heard that The Avengers is the bee’s knees.

I am here to tell you it totally is.

And for the average movie goer, it will become one of their favorites.  And rightly so.  Even without the characters you would still have a great movie with action, drama and tons of humor.  The Avengers is not just a great superhero movie.  It is one of the best, most entertaining movie I have seen at this scale.

But how does it play out for a Marvel Zombie?  It almost hits it out of the park on that level as well.  The overall tone of the film, the threat of the villains, is epic.  And that is how the Avengers story lines always played out.  Sure Captain America and Iron Man has bad guys in their respective books, but as Avengers, they were always taking on galactic level threats.  The film gets that.

And seeing these guys fight side by side, just like I used to imagine when I read the comics…but no longer limited to a great couple panels, is a dream come true.  And the Hulk is by far the star of this film.  This is the best on screen Hulk we have ever had. He shines…and smashes.

It was also great to see Captain America take the leadership role he was destined to have.

If I had to get nit picky ( as fanboys are want to do), it would be regarding the  alien race that Loki uses.  Due to legal bullshit, Marvel cannot use their own Skrulls….a very popular Avengers enemy.  They are replaced with generic aliens ( that at least resemble the Skrulls). The end credit tease, however, more than makes up for it, and tells me that they REALLY wanted to use Skrulls. But that is minor.

And the geek in me would have liked for Captain America to have let loose with the ‘AVENGERS ASSEMBLE” battle cry.



And let’s talk about the end credit teaser ( there are two this go around…stay until the VERY end).  I wish I could tell you who they are setting up.  But you have to see.  If you are a Marvel zombie, you will squeal like a girl. Marvel has really thrown down the GAUNTLET for the next film. It is clear they are not worried about confusing people with epic, big stories.  They are doing it.  Stories that I read years ago and said “man this would make a great movie”.

I love living in the Marvel Age of Movies.

Ok, if you REALLY want to know, and didnt pick up on that REALLY obvious hint, you can click below.  Or stay spoiler free until you see it.