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Things To Do When SWTOR Servers Are Down

1. Go outside again
2. Watch all the Star Wars movies ( on blu-ray )
3. Reintroduce yourself to your family. Odds are they have not seen you in a week.
4. Write Bioware and tell them to do the “Halo Anniversary Thing” to SWKOTOR
5. Play SWKOTOR anyway
6. Draw your toon
7. Make a list of things to do when SWTOR is down
8. Restock your mini fridge ( located next to your PC )
9. Get on the Star Trek Online forums and make fun of the 24 active players
10. Play Skyrim

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Hoth…What Can I Do?

Here is a little something I came up with over the weekend.  My friend Jeff inspired me to write this….
Sung to the tune of Kiss’s “BETH”
Hoth, your temps are fallin
And my tauntaun smells real foul
Me and Luke are surveyin
And there’s wampas on the prowl…
Just a few more hours, and I’ll blast right off of you
Got bounty hunters a callin
But Hoth, what can I do?
Your cold air makes me blue….