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OH LOOK! Another Next Gen REMASTER!

Another Next Gen REMASTER!   AWESOME! Instead of making new, original games, most have been remasters. I think for every original game there are 2 remasters of past gen games.

Pssst…hey Naughty Dog…maybe if you were not working on the Uncharted Collection you could have devoted more time to getting Uncharted 4 out on time? hmmm? Maybe?

Still so very disappointed in this generation of consoles.

The Sad Tale of the PSVita


I just read a great article on the PS Vita.  It made me realize that I am not alone.

I hate the PS Vita because I don’t know what the hell it is.  And apparently, neither does Sony.

It really is a neat little thing.  Next Gen graphics on a nice hi rez screen. Some great games.  Wifi and Cellular data access. Email, web browser. Chat. Touch screen. It’s an MP3 and movie player as well.

Why yes, I did just describe most every hand held device.  Including the mega popular iOS devices from Apple.

So Sony really needed to knock this out of the park, and they haven’t.  So far, the only “cool” feature is being able to remote into my PS4 and play PS4 games on the screen.  Of course, this is only good up to about 40 feet, then the connection lags to the point of being unplayable.

And there are some Vita exclusive games that are worth it.  Uncharted: The Golden Abyss and Assassin’s Creed: Liberation are fantastic.  In fact, if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can get Uncharted for free right now.

So the one thing that sets the Vita apart from every smart phone and tablet are the games. The problem is that no developer will touch the damn thing because it is not selling.  However you can download every Vita game via the PlayStation Store, and also a large selection of PSP and PSOne games.  That is awesome.

But it also shows another weakness of the Vita.  Storage.

The Vita uses proprietary Sony SD cards.  It ships with a 4GB card.  Every app you download ( yes there are Twitter and Facebook apps for Vita!) takes up space. The average PSOne game is around 500MBS.  The average Vita game is 3GBS.  You do the math.  And the prices for these SONY ONLY cards are ridiculous. The retail price for a 32GB card is $79.99.  You can get a 32GB USB drive for around $20.00

Then there is the game pricing.  Every Vita game costs the same as the retail counterpart.  Plus, you have to have space to download it.  So what is the advantage to downloading a Vita game? There is none.  If I am being asked to pay the full retail prince of $39.99 for a Vita game, I am better off to buy the thing and not have to give up precious storage.

And that brings me back to the PlayStation Plus membership.  Sony does give members tremendous discounts and even free games, but then you have to have space. It’s a benefit that is hard to enjoy on the Vita.

I doubt I will see any more MUST HAVE games for the Vita.  It is going to die, like the PSP before it.  It’s a shame, because having a portable Playstation is a cool idea.

I wish I had one.

Excellent Piece on The Dark Knight Rises


I wish I could write like this.  I agree with this guy on every point and feel he is SPOT ON.

“That’s an interesting aspect of the film, too: The Dark Knight Rises wears its influences on its sleeves. It lifts directly from The Dark Knight Returns (I’m not going to lie, I was pretty excited to see the old cop and the young cop chasing Batman), Year One, Knightfall and No Man’s Land, and there are smaller influences from plenty of other stories as well. But in mashing all of those up, it came away with something those stories could never have: an ending. Or at least, a kind of ending.”

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So the death of the internet came and went today with not so much as a bang. When I first heard about the DNS changer I was immediately skeptical because the federal government had gotten involved.  I suspected they had most likely blown it out of proportion.

The reaction from my peers in the IT community was also very BLAH…not nearly the level of hyper that the media was.

All in all it seems that LESS THAN 50,ooo PCS in the US were infected.

Forgive me a cruel chuckle…..but I called this.

Perdomo Patriarch


Surprisingly sweet



Lobbyists Use Their Powers For Good

Chalk one up for personal freedoms. A congressional committee with ties to Florida lawmakers has blocked the FDA from regulating premium hand rolled cigars.  A step in the right direction!

From the Miami Herald

APPLE EVENT: March 7th….The Death of the HOME button

Looks like Apple is getting ready to introduce the iPad 3….and it looks like it doesn’t have a HOME button.


well…now that I think about it. I guess its ok.

Read the full story here from CULT OF MAC

A Long Distance Phone Call To My Youth


Before I begin this tale, I want to stress that as you read it, you remember I HAD A GREAT TIME.  I would do it again.

For the first time in 28 years, Van Halen is touring in support of a new album, with David Lee Roth.  They started the tour in Louisville, KY and thanks to my pal Alan Koenig, I got to go.

Seats were the best I have ever had a Van Halen concert.  Row 12.  Center.  We stayed longer at the bar, because none of us was in a hurry to see the opening act, Kool & The Gang.  HOWEVER….when we arrived, they were just starting CELEBRATE, and I have to admit, I was getting into the groove.  And the rest of the crowd was really into them.

And then the familiar guitar of YOU REALLY GOT ME started, the lights went off, and the place…..erupted.

Eddie sober is a better Eddie.  Eddie was the best I have heard him live in a long time.  Interesting to note….he was WIRELESS for the first time.  I suspect it was his son, Wolfgang, that told him how lame cables are.

Eddie was ON FIRE.  As was Alex.  Even Wolfgang on bass was great.  You could see the pride on Eddie’s face every time he and Wolfgang met each other on the stage.And let’s talk about Wolfgang Van Halen.  As expected, the kid has become very much part of the band, and has the skills to prove it.  And he even holds the harmonies.  Harmonies are essential to the classic Van Halen sound.  He was fantastic and look forward to seeing and hearing more from him.


All in all, they played a phenomenal setlist.  All in all, it was a great show. Except for one thing.  One big thing.


David Lee Roth annoyed the piss out of me.  For the first time ever.  He has never been the best singer.  But in the past he was never horrid.  And in the past he was the premier rock n roll front man.  And that was a HUGE part of why I loved Van Halen.  Seeing Dave be Dave.  Watching him on MTV.  DAVE TV.!  Watching his live performances. He was entertaining and funny.  Last night, he was was only missing the white face paint, and he acted like a mime. He was all vaudeville schtick.  He was jerky.  He needed a bamboo cane and top hat to complete the effect.  He talked lyrics that are now out of his vocal range.  He strained to hit the notes that he thought were in his vocal range.

During “I’LL WAIT”, he forgot the words…..and the band kept playing.  When he realized, he screamed “ I FORGOT THE LYRICS….FOLLOW ME TO THE CHORUS” and then proceeded to walk across the stage.

He was off the beat on a song.  He repeated lyrics in one song.  During some moments, he was actually ignored by the band…as he bantered and they continued to play.

Look ,I know this is Dave.  I know he used to forget words.  I know he is more shine than substance.  But something about last night just rubbed me the wrong way.  Last night he ruined my memories of him and the songs I grew up to.  I hope it just amounts to it being the first show of the tour.  But it was hard to watch him for much of the night.

And by the way, HEY VAN HALEN…you could not play JUMP on this tour and no one would care!  YOU HAVE BETTER SONGS…and it definitely not ENCORE worthy.

In the end, I have to come to grips with the fact that my favorite band is 30 years older than I remember them.  I just wish it wasnt so hard to watch.  The Van Halen Clan was AWESOME last night.  Dave needs to head back to the carnival or stop doing a bad impersonation of himself from 1982.


The Setlist 2/18/2012


You Really Got Me

Running With The Devil

She’s The Woman

Romeo Delight


Everybody Wants Some

Somebody Get Me Doctor


Mean Streets

Pretty Woman

Drum Solo


The Trouble With Never

Dance The Night Away

I’ll Wait

Hot For Teacher

Women In Love

Outta Love

Beautiful Girls

Ice Cream Man


EVH solo

Ain’t Talkin Bout Love

Jump (encore)

Nerds vs. Jocks: Stuck in the Middle

I am a nerd. I am also a sports fan.  Most of the time these worlds are at odds.  But being privy to both worlds, I see they have more in common that many realize.

Let’s talk about obsession.  For both the NERD and the SPORTS FAN have passions about what they love.  Some nerds can quote to you every appearance of the Black Suit Spider-Man in every comic book since 1986.  There are sports fans who can tell you how many players have ran for the most yards in the rain.  Neither piece of information is that important and 99% of the world will live a happy life without ever knowing.  To the nerd and sports fan, they are badges of honor. SACRED KNOWLEDGE.  These are known as STATS. Whether it is how much armor class a bugbear has or how many yards a player threw for, it’s all useless knowledge.  If the world ends tomorrow, no one will care.

I would be remiss to not mention dressing up.  Is there really any difference between a dude dressed as Wolverine versus a guy in a dressed up in Michigan Wolverine attire?











Each would be accepted by their mutual cliques and on the other hand shunned by each other.

Dungeons & Dragons.  A game long associated with virgin nerds.  Mostly made up of males, they meet each week to pretend to be a mighty warrior or wizard and do battle with enemies based on stats.  They spend hundreds of dollars on the game, meticulously writing down and recorded each outcome.  Keeping track of hit points. When they can’t meet together in person they engage in ONLINE games over the internet.  The game is the same, pretending to be something or someone they are not. When they do get together there is soda, beer, chips, wings and pizza.

Fantasy Football.  A game long associate with married, under sexed males.  Every week they compete with each other based on stats.  They spend hundreds of dollars on the game, meticulously writing down, researching, and recording each outcome.  Keeping track of points.  When they can’t meet in person, they engage in online fantasy football websites.  When they do get together there is soda, beer, chips, wings and pizza.

Oddly enough, neither can see the similarities.






Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day.  We celebrate this day as the birthday of our nation.  The day thirteen colonies from Great Britain said enough is enough and declared their independence.

On that day, an idea of freedom became the greatest country in the history of mankind.  I say this knowing that it smacks of “American Arrogance”, something that is for some reason looked down upon today. But the words are true.  There is no other place in the world that  affords you the freedom and opportunities that the United States does.

We are not perfect.  We have made horrible mistakes over our brief existence.  We will continue to do so. But where others see these mistakes as proof we are heading toward     ruin, I see how we have overcome the mistakes and made ourselves a better nation.  One that inspires and encourages a person to better themselves rather than let the excuse of history be their crutch.

You may hate the way things are going. You may not. You may hate the current President, or the last one. But we live in a country that guarantees by law that will change. And change by the will of the people. No matter how bad you think it is or how crappy you think you have it, the possibility of a better day is always there.

So I ask that today, you forget about all the things that make you angry about this nation, and remember that for all it’s flaws, there is no better place in the world to live.  Take fifteen minutes out of your day and read the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Let those documents remind you of all the good this country has to offer, and will continue to do so. Put aside your dislike for the current government, or don’t dwell on how much you feel the last one ruined the country.  We are still here, and you have just as much a chance today that you had yesterday to make things better.