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cAo Brazilla

I really like this cigar. Taste chocolate, and then the maduro wrapper kicks in and its a nutty, peppery taste that really satisfies.



nub Cigars

The concept is simple.  Make a cigar with a giant sweet spot.  Or make the entire cigar the sweet spot.

But the sweet spot of a cigar is the last like, two inches. So it would be a short cigar.

And they are.  They are also not cheaper.  A 2 inch cigar ain’t cheap. wha?

But holy crap they are good.  And they are not a short smoke.  30-40 mins.  I was at first under the impression it was a racket for people to smoke a chic cigar.  I was wrong.  These are good, solid  smokes.

Also, I am now aware of two herfs that happen on a weekly basis around me.  This is great news.