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Tron Legacy

Tron legacy is a fun film. however i feel like it wont be enjoyed by many. Much like the first film, there are those who will consume it and love it, and those who say…wtf?

I am not going to rehash the plot. It is a direct sequel to the 1982 film. And in my opinion it helps tremendously to have seen the original recently. From major plot points to subtle nods to the original, this is in no way a stand alone film. While they do fill in how Kevin Flynn came to be who he is, they do not reference his time in the digitized world of Tron from the first movie.

Overall, the film tells the story of how we have become a more digitized society. Kevin Flynn is obsessed with this fact and has devoted his whole life to bringing the real world and the computer world more in sync. In fact he does jet that, and then disappears for 20 years leaving a 7 year old son behind to inherit the now multi billion dollar Encom. In Kevin Flynn’s absence, however, Encom went from being like Unix to being like Microsoft. His son, now grown has become sort of a cyber batman, dismantling Encom’s new big business reputation from the inside.

Long story short son of Flynn gets zapped into the digital world, and finds a totalitarian world lead by Clu, who looks like his father. It seems Kevin Flynn has been trapped in the digital world by the rebellious Clu. Flynn and his son decided to team up to defeat Clu and get back home.

Visually, the movie is astounding. The look of the computer world has just the perfect balance of real world and alien environment. The familiar is “tronitized” enough to remind you that you aren’t at home. A very dark world with cool blue tones, interrupted by the occasional red, orange, and greens.

Much has been said about the soundtrack by Daft Punk. It is incredible. Even without being the soundtrack for a motion picture it would still be one of their best albums. My only complaint is that they did not use the original theme from Tron. But that is being petty and the opinion of a old Tron fan.

Many people will have a difficult time getting this movie. Tech jargon is bantered about liberally and some of the pokes at Microsoft and the world of computers will be missed by many. Once inside the digital world, the action goes on steroids, and then dies rather abruptly for a large chunk of the middle of the film. However, if you are like me, then you were willing to sit through the pathos to get to the resolution of the finish.

I have only two real beefs with the movie. First, was Jeff Bridges. It seemed like he had a hard time finding the character of Flynn after 30 years. I can understand that, but it felt like in some parts he was playing more like “the Dude” from The Big Lewboski than Kevin Flynn.

The other thing I had an issue with was the Tron sub plot. Yes, Tron is very much in this flick, and even ends up playing a MAJOR role in the end. So big in fact, that once the movie is over, you find yourself wondering why the film makers paid so little attention to it. ( I would say more, as I realize this was quite vague, but it’s a fairly big spoiler.)

I really loved the movie. In fact, the farther away I get from seeing it, the more I like it, and the more I want to see it again. I can’t recommend it to everyone. All I can say is, if you love the original, than you will love Tron Legacy. If you saw the trailers and thought it looked cool, you may walk out of the theater disappointed.

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